Board of Trustees

Thomas E. LeGrand

Betsy Brown
Vice Chair
Poughkeepsie (2019)

Sherre Wesley
Poughkeepsie (2016)

Dale L. Borchert
Poughkeepsie (2019)

Michael Francis Dupree
Hyde Park (2020)

Barbara Hugo
Rhinebeck (2022)

Richard Keller-Coffey
Millbrook (2017)

Daniel P. Kuffner
Hyde Park (2018)

Timmian Massie
Poughkeepsie (2021)

Matthew Lahey (Student Trustee) Poughkeepsie  (2017)

Dr. Pamela R. Edington, President


Schedule of Board of Trustees Meetings

Summary of Actions for January 31, 2017

Board of Trustees Approved Minutes and Summaries